junho 26, 2015

Edgetech Europe GmbH Welcomes New Era of Testing

Progress and the drive for product innovation are positives in any industry, and with constant demands to push the boundaries in architectural environments, the world of glass in fenestration is no different. Innovate or die is a basic premise ignored by businesses at their peril as they miss out on new markets and applications for their products, fail to meet and exceed increasingly stringent legislation, and ultimately just don’t stand out from the ‘me too‘ crowd. In parallel, individuals’ expectations keep on rising in terms of what they believe represents quality, value for money and performance as a customer. Combined, these two drivers motivate ambitious brands to keep raising the bar, something that Edgetech has witnessed firsthand as one of the longest established suppliers of Warm Edge technology with 11 years presence in Germany alone and 26 years worldwide.
Joachim Stoss, managing director with responsibility for Edgetech Europe GmbH, a Quanex Building Products Company comments: “It’s a given that new product development and innovation are positives that help businesses create and sustain value. But the surrounding industries and associated suppliers need to keep up to speed too and review their offering to ensure it’s still timely, accurate and relevant. That’s why we greeted with open arms the German Flat Glass Association‘s publication of its new test protocol and results for Warm Edge spacer technology thermal performance.
The composition of spacers has become more complex, tolerance levels tighter and certainly there has been a general trend towards the major thermal contributor components becoming thinner. So rather than pure simulations now, the working group of the German Flat Glass Warm Edge association in conjunction with ift Rosenheim has agreed to physically measure spacers as they are built into the insulating glass.
The latest BF-Datasheets have now presented the industry with one of the most independent, accurate and fit for purpose test regimes ever available for Warm Edge technology. Most importantly: all the values are based on a totally leveled playing field -  identical measurement methods carried out by the same laboratory operatives, following the same testing criteria, using the same testing devices.
On the basis of this new testing regime, Edgetech is delighted that two of our products – Super Spacer® Premium and Super Spacer® TriSealTM Premium are the top performers in terms of PSI value when it comes to dual pane windows in aluminium, PVC-U and timber. And in fact, all 4 of our products tested are in the top 7 best in class out of the 23 spacers tested. While this is obviously great news for our customers, the important point is that now anyone looking for the best in thermal performance and energy efficient spacers has an independent point of comparison they can trust.”
For copies of the BF Bundesverband Flachglas e.V.  DataSheets please contact Edgetech, or visit http://www.bundesverband-flachglas.de/shop/kostenfreie-downloads/bf-data-sheets-english/datenblaetter_engl.html