abril 14, 2015

The Forecast Europe-Wide is WET

Edgetech Europe GmbH, a Quanex Building Products company, continues to report an increasing number of companies switching to its range of Warm Edge Technology, whether for double or triple sealed units, and even in some instances for quadruple insulated units.

Joachim Stoss, managing director with responsibility for Edgetech in Europe explains the trend: “The number of companies we continue to see switching to Super Spacer® is a clear indication of how much the market has moved. In the beginning we were welcoming customers who had previously been using aluminium spacer but more recently we are seeing more demand from companies working with other WET suppliers and from manufacturers making triple as well as double sealed units. This is because they can see the benefits our products bring to all specification of units - we have even been partnering with some customers who are manufacturing quadruple insulated glass units.

The reason that all of these companies are choosing Edgetech, is not only because of the excellent energy efficiency benefits our products can give them, but also because of the manufacturing efficiencies customers see, whether making triple, quadruple, shaped, large or of course a more standard double glazed sealed unit.  

Edgetech is well placed to stay ahead of this increase in demand with the research and development resources we have in our parent company Quanex and the in-house manufacturing facility we have in Germany which has this year enjoyed 11 years of supplying companies right across Europe. We also have outstanding technical expertise in our team so that we can support customers in finding the best Warm Edge solution for them now and for the foreseeable future to help them future proof their business.”